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Music & Freedom

By Tim Gilvin and Grace Taylor

After the novel by Zoe Morrison


Join us in November to see the first ever performance of Music & Freedom

Tim Gilvin and Grace Taylor recorded an episode of Making A Musical with The Other Palace

Get Involved:

Grace and Tim are looking for people who are enthusiastic about the show to get involved at the very first stage.

If you're interested in joining the journey or finding out more, email us here

About the Show: Alice Haywood is a woman in her 70s who, despite growing up as an incredibly accomplished pianist and moving from Australia to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music, found herself in an abusive and controlling marriage, unable to exercise any control over her own life. Now, with the recent death of her husband – and through a friendship with her younger neighbour, Emily – Alice refinds her purpose, and goes on a journey to rediscover her self. At the end of the play, Alice finally exorcises the ghost of her husband Edward, when she takes an axe to the grand piano he bought for her 40 years ago.


It is written for an ensemble of 4, with 3 actors playing Alice, Richard and Emily, and a virtuoso pianist in a non-speaking role, who will at times represent Alice’s younger self.


The score incorporates and interpolates classical music, whilst also nodding to more contemporary classical-influenced pop artists, such as Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Cody Fry and Regina Spektor.

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