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Fanatical poster.jpg


By Reina Hardy and Matt Board

Directed by Grace Taylor

Music Direction - John Reddel
Choreography - Anthony Whiteman
Design - PJ McEvoy
Lighting design - Rachel Sampley
Sound design - Andy Graham
Original dramaturgy - Lotte Wakeham
Musical supervision - Jim Henson
Produced by - The Stable

Production photos by Scott Rylander

Performed at the Playground Theatre

November/December 2018

* * * *

Scott Matthewman
Musical Theatre Review

'Directed by Grace Taylor, the show within a show has its own catchphrase: ‘We are small, but we are mighty.’ It is a motto which inspires the TV show’s fans: it also applies to Fanatical, a musical which, despite its small size, meets its mighty ambitions.'

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